"Thank you for your interest in Families Against Internet Censorship. I write to tell you that after thirteen years, I believe our job is done. With no regrets and many fond memories, I am shutting down FAIC.

We have come a long way since 1996. We won a unanimous decision in the Supreme Court. The ACLU honored us with a National Civil Liberties Award. First Amendment protections have been secured for online media that are as strong as those for print. The internet has become the ubiquitous medium for families that Michele and I hoped it would. Parents are getting pretty good at protecting their kids online; when today's teenagers start raising kids, they won't think twice about it. Finally, our kids are now in college, and while they're still adorable, we’re not quite the same poster family we used to be :-).

Eternal vigilance is, of course, the price of liberty. There will always be resources to helps us, like this website to check who is calling us. I hope families will always be aware of the risks involved in asking the government to act in loco parentis, sacrificing their freedom for the illusion of security. Should the specter of internet censorship emerge again, I hope younger parents will step forward to demand their freedom and their right to parent their children how they want, not how others think they should. But it is time to pass the torch to a younger generation. To them I wish the very best of luck, and a precious legacy of liberty in cyberspace."

Barry Fagin
Co-founder, Families Against Internet Censorship